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This blog post should be called the adventures of Laura and Jon. This couple had my heart the moment I saw them pull in my drive way. She ran out of the car. Startled me for a second when I saw Jon race out of the car to join her. Nothing could have changed my […]

Dallas Engagement: Laura and Jon

October 1, 2014

Chase and Jackie engagement was so much fun! We captured their love at the super modern Fort Worth Art Museum. Chase and Jackie are truly stylish and a lovely couple. I LOVE what they wore for the shoot. They are definitely an awesome example of how to dress appropriately for your engagement shoot and how to coordinate […]

Fort Worth Art Museum Engagement: Chase and Jackie

September 10, 2014

So I fell in love with Meredith over the phone. Yes that’s how this blog post is going to start. She said she had this emerald necklace that was her mothers and that she was going to have Protea flowers ( they are African Flowers that Nick had given her before) I had no idea […]

Fort Worth Central Library Wedding: Meredith and Nick

September 5, 2014

So there is a picture in the blog post that I would say describes Ivan and Leslie perfectly. It’s where I told them to face me and close their eyes. Leslie looked down and closed her eyes gracefully, beautifully. And Ivan closed his eyes as tight as he could. It’s a cute picture but as […]

Perkins Chapel Wedding: Ivan and Leslie

August 15, 2014

Amanda and Clif held their wedding ceremony at Prince of Peace in Plano TX and their wedding reception at Slate in Richardson. Their wedding was nothing short of what their engagements, bridals were “SO PRECIOUS!” As I would say! ;). This couple is just so sweetness. Amanda is such a sweet southern bell, gracious, beautiful, […]

Prince of Peace, Plano, TX Wedding: Clif and Amanda

August 4, 2014

Eddleman-McFarland House Fort Worth Bridal: Beautiful McKenzie

July 31, 2014

Kyle and Ana got married at the wedding venue 1899 Farmhouse in Princeton, TX. What I remember from this wedding is their love. Not the beautiful flowers, or the bridesmaids green satin dress, moms sparkly gold top, or the succulents that dressed the wedding but their love. The fun loving way they treat each other. […]

1899 farmhouse princeton tx – Kyle and Ana

July 11, 2014

  When you see a twinkle in a girls eyes when her fiancé looks at her, you know its going to be a good engagement session! A nurse and a fireman cannot get cuter than this! I will say it was so easy to photograph this couple they are both cuties and the love is […]

Dallas Engagement: Casey and Alban

June 30, 2014

Whitney and Ed had the most beautiful candlelight wedding ceremony ever. I fell in love with all the light a flowy white drapery. Their dallas wedding was so romantic, sophisticated, all around gorgeous wedding. The wedding venue was 333 First Avenue in dallas. What a perfect location for their romantic wedding Wedding Venue: 333 First […]

333 First Avenue Dallas TX Wedding: Ed & Whitney

June 27, 2014

As soon as she walked out of the car, my heart jumped in excitement. I must say I absolutely LOVE this dress. Amanda and Clife got married a few weeks ago at Prince of peace in Plano. I cant wait to share that beautiful wedding with you but I must say Amanda really trusted me […]

Dallas Bridal: Amanda

June 19, 2014


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