J.J Pearce Richardson Senior: Abby

I took Abby’s beautiful sisters senior pictures a few years ago, and it’s always great to hear what is going on with them and how they are pursuing their dreams, livin the life as a college student. (Shout out to Tori in A&M! )

I remember Abby showing up to that senior session a few years ago and her eyes were one of the most captivating eyes I had ever seen. She could probably play cat woman with those eyes lol. No really! 😉 It was the first cold day in Dallas and it was finally her turn to play in front of the camera. She got a little rosy from the cold but her spunk and just RAW beauty was all there. I really can’t say enough how much I love shooting seniors! I don’t market it as I do weddings but I sure do love to get a senior in front of my camera! LOVE IT!