This year has been filled with growing, this is my fourth year in business and when 2013 started my goal was to go out of my comfort zone, learn new things, get inspired and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve attended two workshops since the year began. Taylor Lord, which I will be doing a whole blog post about in the future. And the mama-jama of wedding photography which is WPPI in Vegas. If you are a wedding photographer and have not attended WPPI I really really (YES DOUBLE REALLY) recommend it, it’s filled with so many people that love the same thing as you, its filled with inspiration, with motivation, with amazing products that I will be including in my new branding and well getting to meet my Michael Jackson of wedding photography: Jose Villa was pretty amazing to say the least. But while I was in Vegas we got the email that Tyler and Michaels wedding at Buffalo Valley Event Center in Denton, TX was featured in Rustic Wedding Chic, so happy for Tyler she has been such a special bride and the wedding had those rustic tones that I live for!

buffalo valley event center