Unitas: Engagement

To me its really important to have someone that inspires me to do better, to push myself. To reach high and really know that there is no limit to my creativity and my business who I must say is one if the BIG LOVES in my life. Taylor Lord has been a big form of inspiration for me. Everything about her style in art I LOVE. So when she announced UNITAS: which would be a workshop that would involve ART AND BUSINESS. I knew it would be the perfect workshop for me to attend. Now I would say I am someone that lives and breathes the art of wedding photography, I absolutely love it with every bone of my body. But Taylor addressed so many points of Fine Art that I had never thought about or questioned: why do I love this over that? Now the Unitas 2013 Group wow! it’s really like Taylor handpicked us for her workshop we all had the same dreams, and love what we do, we have now become a community that helps and supports each other. Love it!

So part one of this blog post (sorry I went on a little bit of a rant) is the engagement shoot we did. Now I will say I really did do limited shooting throughout this shoot because honestly I was trying to be by Taylor side the whole time listening and learning from her. She is Amazing to say the least.

Also the lovely Lindsey Zamora was with us the whole weekend and really showed us why a stylist is a huge help of wedding day shoots and engagement session.