New Branding – Bride and Groom Session

I have been gone this past month to start one of the best journeys and blessing a woman could ask for. I became a mother and have the most beautiful son I could ask for. He is a cute little red head and I must say I have never loved anything or could think I could love anything as much as I love him. I am so blessed! I will be sharing pictures of him every so often. This blog might change a little to photography/Bradley blog ;). But with the time I had off I was also able to stop and think about my life and my business I’m going on my fifth year in business and I have been cautious to change my branding with the trends that come every year. I think branding should have some longevity to it, but my shooting style had changed. I love clean, romantic, timeless images and I really wanted my branding to express just that.

So today’s blog post is one of my favorite B&G Shoots I did. I was not able to shoot Kristens and Vahn wedding because I was already booked that day but they did want to go ahead and book their bride and groom session. I was in LOVE with them the whole time I was shooting them. Kristen was just so soft and beautiful and Vahn such a gentleman the whole time. Beautiful couple!